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BACI workflow

Benefits of Action and Costs of Inaction (BACI) Workflow
Policy Workshops

Capacity Development to Support National Drought Policies
UN processes

UN agencies' concerted efforts for proactive drought management

Regional activities

The map below shows the areas where the IDMP is active to date. Please click on the markers on the map to find out more and link to more detailed information.

IDMP regional activities

Regional activities:
 The IDMP has three regional programmes in Central and Eastern Europe (IDMP CEE), in the Horn of Africa (IDMP HoA) and in West Africa (IDMP WAF). There are regional initiatives also going on in South Asia and Central America. Click on the dots on the map to find out more.

IDMP National activities

National activities :
There are a number of efforts at the national level supported by the IDMP. Click on the dots on the map to find out more.


WMO and GWP:
The Integrated Drought Management Programme is a joint initiative of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Global Water Partnership (GWP).

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