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NEWS: IDMP-HOA supports national drought plan development in Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger

The IDMP West Africa, in collaboration with partners, organised multi-stakeholder consultations in Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger. These meetings enabled stakeholders to provide technical contributions to the development of national drought plans and share technical expertise and experiences from national, regional and global perspectives. Learn more

NEWS: New flood and drought management project for Volta Basin

The Adaptation Fund Board has endorsed the USD 7.92 million regional proposal entitled “Integrating Flood and Drought management and early warning for climate change adaptation in the Volta Basin.” The project proposal is based on the strategies promoted by the Associated Programme on Flood Management and Integrated Programme on Drought Management. Learn more

West_Africa_drought_oxfamThe regional programme of the IDMP in West Africa (IDMP WAF) based at GWP West Africa is currently being developed to increase the capacity and ability to manage droughts in the region by working in partnership with key drought management institutions and stakeholders in the region building on the network of the Country Water Partnerships.

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