Sample Requests

Who can benefit from the HelpDesk?

Advice is being offered primarily to government bodies responsible for drought management. Also civil society organizations, the private sector and academia can contact us for support in developing an all-of-society engagement to advance integrated drought management. Examples of questions the HelpDesk is receiving are provided below.

Agrometeorologist at National Weather Service

Scenario: Individual is developing new drought products for weekly agrometeorological bulletin.

QuestionWhich drought indices are best to determine the impacts  of drought on crop yields?

Chief of Staff at Ministry of Environment

Scenario: Recent droughts have had major impacts on the economy. The Prime Minister has requested country to develop a new policy

Question: How does a country start developing a national drought policy?

Staff Member at National Hydrological Service

Scenario: Recent drought has reduced hydropower generation.

Question: Which drought indices are best to determine the impacts  of drought on river flows and reservoir levels?

Meteorologist at National Weather Service

Scenario: Individual is developing a map of drought indices.

Question: Can you send the computer source code or software to calculate the Standard Precipitation Index?

Staff at Ministry of Agriculture

Scenario: Minister has requested their country to be better prepared for future droughts.

Question: How should my country start to prepare for future droughts?

Researcher at University

Scenario: Individual is developing a map of drought indices for PhD.

Question: Can you tell me which drought index would be most useful to use in my country?

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