AC/MC meetings 2017, 6-7 September, Geneva, Switzerland

Main recommendations:

  • The IDMP Management Committee approved the new initiatives and strategic direction proposed for the year 2017-2019
  • Increase interaction with Regional Climate Centres, conduct a user needs analysis and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams including social scientists, economists, political scientists to distil lessons learned on drought management
  • Develop Knowledge products on the pillar mitigation and preparedness and on the pillar vulnerability and impact assessment as well as finalize Integrated Drought Management Framework Document and the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) Drought Expert Team report for IDMP information products
  • Benefits of Action – Costs of Inaction (BACI): Publish Discussion Paper, develop further the economic argument for drivers and barriers, and categorization/ prioritization of methods of economic analysis
  • Establish a small team/working group on the International Drought Mitigation Research Centre
  • Connect the HelpDesk with regional and national products/actors on all three pillars and follow-up with IDMP partners not yet included in the Support Base Partners of the HelpDesk

Download AC/MC 2017 Meeting Report, documents and presentations.

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