AC/MC meetings 2016, 14-15 September, Geneva, Switzerland

Main recommendations:

  • For the HelpDesk, engage already appointed focal points of partners to (a) define support and (b) specify input of organization in Catalogue of Service (description of partners’ expertise);
  • Maintain the approach on 3 pillars from the High level Meeting on National Drought Policies (HMDNP): drought monitoring and early warning systems, vulnerability and impact assessment, and preparedness and mitigation actions.
  • Finalize IDM Framework Document with strong emphasis that all 3 pillars are part of integrated drought management;
  • Develop focus on Vulnerability and Impact Assessment;
  • Define relationship with the Associated Programme on Flood Management, considering common ground in relation to disaster risk reduction and the Global Framework on Climate Services.

Download the AC/MC 2016 Meeting Report, Annexes and Presentations.

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