Hydro-thermal Coefficient of Selyaninov (HTC)

Hydro-thermal Coefficient of Selyaninov (HTC)


Index name: Hydro-thermal Coefficient of Selyaninov (HTC).

Ease of use: Yellow.

Origins: Developed by Selyaninov in the Russian Federation and based on the Russian climate.

Characteristics: Uses temperature and precipitation values and is sensitive to dry conditions specific to the climate regime being monitored. It is flexible enough to be used in both monthly and decadal applications.

Input parameters: Monthly temperature and precipitation values.

Applications: Useful in the monitoring of agricultural drought conditions and has also been used in climate classifications.

Strengths: Simple to calculate and the values can be applied to agricultural conditions during the growing season.

Weaknesses: The calculations do not take into account soil moisture.

Resources: Information can be found on the website of the Russian National Institute of Agricultural Meteorology and on the website of the Interactive Agricultural Ecological Atlas of Russia and Neighboring Countries.

Reference: Selyaninov, G.T., 1928: About climate agricultural estimation. Proceedings on Agricultural Meteorology, 20: 165–177.

Currently used by: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Ukraine.

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  1. Hi
    1-How Can I calculate Hydro-thermal Coefficient ?
    2-is there any software for this calculate?
    3- what is the growing season in HTC formula( C = ΣP/ 0.1ΣH )? T above 10 c total days in year or sprig and summer?


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