AC/MC meetings 2021, 5-7 October (online meetings)

The IDMP Annual Advisory and Management Committee meetings were held virtually on 5-7 October 2021. The following recommendations were received during the Advisory Committee meetings and later endorsed by the Management Committee. Please refer to the meeting report for more detailed information on each recommendation.

General Recommendations: 

  • Enhance IDMP as platform for engagement 
  • Implementation of existing plans and documents has to be reinforced 
  • Gather success stories at all scales  
  • Engage youth 
  • Focus more on drought forecasting and monitoring 
  • Focus on Community-based/stakeholder focused solutions 
  • Focus on NBS and participatory approaches 
  • Social components (sociology, psychology, communication) to be integrated 

Knowledge Products: 

  • Update guidance documents on Pillar 1 – Monitoring & Early Warning 
  • Prepare actionable guidelines for pillar 2  
  • Prepare actionable guidance on drought impacts 


  • Raise more awareness for IDMP in research community 
  • Research in ground water security is needed 


  • Promote and scale-up the HelpDesk  

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Meeting report

2021 AC/MC meeting report

Meeting Materials

2020/21 IDMP activity report

AC/MC meeting agenda

Overview of IDMP and activities (slides)

Market Place slides:

UNCCD – Daniel Tsegai

FAO – Maher Salman

World Bank: EPIC Response report – Ana Nunez Sanchez and Nathan Engle

UNDRR GAR SRD – Marc Svoboda, Bob Stefanski, Roger Pulwarty

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Institute for Environmental Studies – Anne van Loon, Marthe Wens

GEO Secretariat – Florian Franziskakis

SISSA – Cecilia Hidalgo

Drought projects/initiatives in Central America and Andean countries – Mario Perez Lopez

FUNCEME – Eduardo Martins

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