University of Wageningen

Wageningen University, Department of Environmental Sciences (the Netherlands) aims to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. Drought research at the Department of Environmental Sciences of Wageningen University focuses on addressing challenges related to climate, water and society. We aim to improve our understanding and ability to represent natural and human dimensions of climate and water resources in a changing global environment. We take a systems approach linking in-depth understanding of physical, chemical, biological and social processes across scales to help to preserve and restore environmental systems, to understand human-water relations, and to understand quantification and valuation of ecosystem and climate services and their supply to differentiated groups within society.

We therefore develop solutions for a more sustainable world with sufficient, clean, equitably distributed and climate-proof water resources for people, food production and natural ecosystems and limiting the impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity and improving air quality.

Project Diagnosing drought for dealing with drought in 3D

Developing and testing approaches for monitoring, modelling and communication of drought impacts

Drought indicator analysis and development

Analysis of socio-economic impacts of policy

Developing contextualized indicators using participatory methods (maps, models, games) and citizen science

Development of early warning methods for drought impact

Sociohydrological model development

Joint research and development projects with partner organizations

Coproducing tools for drought diagnosis and treatment

Policy analysis

By focusing on understanding local perspectives we aim to increase the impact of integrated drought management

Contribution of ground-truthing of existing drought monitoring systems

Developing methods for understanding the positive and negative consequences of interventions by actors across scales

Participatory research methods for building trust and to enhance mutual understanding

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