University of Southern Queensland

For more than forty years, the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) represents one of Australia’s leading education programs in Australia through on-campus, off-campus and online courses for local/home and international students. Representing an institution of higher learning and education, USQ plays a key role in advising and educating present and future leaders, professionals and policy makers. Additionally, through multi-disciplinary research programs such as the International Centre for Applied Climate Science (ICACS), this University provides the necessary resources to develop skills and knowledge to tackle various issues such as national and global climate sciences challenges and agricultural applications. To confront these issues, USQ provides strong underpinning scientific capabilities in the field and develop climate models as well as integrated climate/agricultural modeling and output.

  • Educational and research institution
  • Advisory role for policy makers and agricultural industry
  • Develops climate models and agricultural production, risk management, and insurance models
  • Initiates research programs to develop knowledge on the climate, the environment, and agricultural and agribusiness applications
  • Aims to tackle sustainable agricultural practices, globally
  • Advocates for strong knowledge based communities of involved members
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