The World Bank

Since 1944, the World Bank represents a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. This international financial institution helps developing countries to manage a wide range of sectors through policy advice, research and analysis, and technical assistance1. Furthermore, the World Bank supports countries to assess exposure to hazards and address disaster risk by promoting a comprehensive and multi-sector approach to managing disaster risk2. In particular, as a result of climate variability and change, more teams are being requested to support client countries on drought management and preparedness. These requests prove to be a challenge because the World Bank does not yet have a strategic approach to drought, which is not only a water issue but cuts across many sectors and takes considerable coordination and collaboration. Consequently, the World Bank is currently seeking connection of the teams across regions and sectors working on drought management in its different units, such as Water, Agriculture, Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Health, and Urban and Rural Resilience, to try to answer the practical challenges together, stimulate discussion, and support of knowledge and learning. For the same reasons, the World Bank is connected to the external international community of experts on drought management.

  • Assess and manage disaster risk (vulnerability, exposure and hazard) through funding, technical assistance, training and knowledge sharing activities
  • Offers financial and technical assistance to countries
  • Policy advise, research and analysis, and technical assistance
  • Promotes comprehensive and multi-sector approaches for managing disaster risk
  • Provides funding, technical assistance, training, and knowledge sharing
  • World Bank is the largest financier of disaster recovery and reconstruction
  • Supports knowledge sharing activities in order to alleviate drought effects
  • Aims to reduce vulnerability, empower sustainable development, and help developing countries to alleviate poverty
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