The Mexican Institute of Water Technology

The Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) is a public institution that works to address challenges pertaining to water management and sustainability on a national and international level. Its efforts aim to develop new approaches for research and technological development to protect the natural water resources while creating an efficient and equitable management and usage among users and stakeholders. The primary objectives of IMTA are to contribute to the sustainable water management in Mexico through the improvement of knowledge, technology, training, and innovation. It searches to develop and raise awareness for the water sector along with its pre-determined goals. IMTA employs laboratories for the development of water technology, while offering technological services and other products to improve water quality, water management through hydrologic innovative methodologies, irrigation and drainage efficiency, and awareness of the use of water at all socio-economic levels through social sciences programs and methodologies.

  • Addresses research and technological development on water management in the areas of hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, irrigation and drainage and social sciences to promote sustainability in Mexico
  • Works to ensure cooperation between national and regional bodies
  • Develops new and innovative strategies for monitoring and predicting droughts from national to local levels
  • Focuses on research and technological development
  • Develops action plans for improved resilience on extreme climate phenomena (droughts and floods)
  • Offers technological services to improve water quality, hydrologic management under extreme hydrologic conditions, water use efficiency on irrigation and drainage, among others
  • Works to raise awareness among stakeholders, managers and decision makers
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