IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center

  • Vulnerability assessment based on observed and projected climate anomalies
  • Conducts training and capacity building on methods and tools for vulnerability assessment
  • Organizes forums that bring together climate information producers and users, such as through Climate Outlook Forums
  • Supports member countries in development of drought policies and climate change policies.
  • Conducts and supports in-country mission and trainings and visits for capacity building for use of climate information
  • Provides climate monitoring and prediction services including running of climate models for generation of forecast and different time steps
  • Provides timely and regular early warning climate briefings to stakeholders especially in agriculture and disaster management sectors
  • Acquires and stores climate data and promotes the maintenance of quality controlled climate datasets within the region for climate diagnostics
  • Provides drought and flood climate information and climate impact information in 10-day, monthly, seasonal, and annual increments
  • Maintains and develops web-based climate information portals
  • Trains users and producers of climate information
  • Trains on climate change assessment
  • Provides computing facilities for generation of climate information
  • Collaborates with partners to provide research opportunities for climate scientists within the region
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