Australian Bureau of Meteorology

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is Australia’s national weather, climate and water information agency and one of the few organisations that touch the lives of all Australians and all Australia, every day. The Bureau operates under the Authority of the Meteorology Act 1955 and the Water Act 2017. Our products and services include observations, forecasts, warnings, analysis and advice covering Australia’s atmosphere, water, oceans and space environs.

Our Vision: To be an organisation of global standing, that is highly valued by the community for our pivotal role in enabling a safe, prosperous, secure and healthy Australia.

Our mission: To provide trusted, reliable and responsive weather, climate and ocean services for Australia – all day, every day.

Our Focus: Our strategy is focused on four pillars of success, each given effect via whole-of-enterprise strategic objectives and associated actions.

  • Impact and value: Products and services that benefit the Australian community and drive competitive advantage for business and industries.
  • Operational excellence: Outstanding people, science, systems and infrastructure, working together for maximum simplicity, productivity and agility.
  • Insight and innovation: Deep understanding, creative thinking and enduring partnerships that generate novel solutions for our customers and our organisation.
  • The Bureau way: One enterprise, that is safe and diverse, where our people grow and are empowered to excel, and where our customers come first, trust us and consider that we are a pleasure to work with.

– Leads the setting up of hydrological monitoring systems standards
– Prepares bi-monthly catchment reports and annual water accounts describing water availability status.
– Sector specific mobile app- based information such as water in dams (updated daily)
– Leverages linkages with Australian water utility network

– Weather and hydrological forecast, maps, charts, and pattern models
– Collects, stores and provides free, Australian hydrometeorological data.
– Provides nation-wide consistent observational, meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic services
– Provides other repurposed data services
– Provides nationally-consistent drought monitoring and outlook services through the web
– Enhances knowledge by conducting research and publishing
– Participates in cost recovered targeted consultancies

– Provides hydrometeorological forecasts across catchments and at point locations
– Provides and publishes monthly ENSO update for Australia and the Pacific
– Uses satellite imagery to determine weather patterns
– Acts as node to distribute WMO drought information to Pacific Nations through Climate and Oceans capacity building Program in the Pacific (COSPPac)
– Provides catchment based water resource assessments detailing trends and other information within Australia

– In partnership with other governmental branches, continue to provide water information and hydrometeorological forecasts giving drought early warnings to agencies
– Helps to ensure constant flow of information
– Acts as node to distribute WMO drought information to Pacific Nations

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