Re-Launching our Integrated Drought Management online course: Monitoring and Early Warning

Did you know that droughts have deep, widespread, and often underestimated impacts on societies, ecosystems, and economies? While drought is a recurring and natural climatic phenomenon, climate change is increasing temperatures and evaporation as well as disrupting rainfall patterns, increasing the frequency, severity and duration of droughts in many regions. 

The Integrated Drought Management Programme in cooperation with Cap-Net, UNEP-DHI, World Meteorological Organisation, Global Water Partnership and Volta Flood and Drought Management project are delighted to re-launchIntegrated Drought Management: Monitoring and Early Warningonline and free course in English and French. 


This introductory course was developed by the Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP) with the purpose to introduce the 3 pillars approach: 1) monitoring and early warning, 2) vulnerability and impact assessment, and 3) preparedness, mitigation, and response. 

The course consists of four modules, in which participants will learn basic about the three pillars of integrated drought management, definitions, life cycle and common impacts of drought. Focus of the course is on monitoring and early warning, why the access to data is key to drought monitoring and early warning processes, and about indicators and indices used to describe drought conditions and provide the basis for conducting drought assessments.  

In addition, the course uses regional cases to show how to select indicators and indices that are relevant to their regional context. In the course you will also find available tools and products that can be used for drought monitoring and forecasting, as well as impact assessment. 

Who can participate? the new course is open to participants representing various stakeholder groups working with drought management who are interested in to develop competences in drought management and have previous knowledge of the basic science behind climate change and the water cycle. It is important to highlight that previous knowledge is not required. 


Don’t forget to book your spot at Integrated Drought Management: Monitoring and Early Warning – Cap-Net 

Date until remove: 31/12/2024
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