NEW IDMP Community of Practice (CoP)


GWP together with WMO recently launched a new Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP) Community of Practice (CoP) at the IWRM Action Hub.

IDMP already has a very active and growing community of practice, but in the past few years has been recognised that the interaction was mostly limited to meetings, emails and online exchanges. The newly launched IDMP CoP is therefore a great opportunity to give the existing IDMP community a “home” and bring it to the next level.  It will serve as a virtual space for drought experts, practitioners and other stakeholders from different sectors and levels to discuss, exchange knowledge and experiences, establish synergizes with other organizations and learn about integrated approaches for drought management.

The enhanced collaboration among the members of community will result in not only in a wider promotion of the Integrated Drought Management approach, but in increased capacities, enhanced intersectoral cooperation and new projects/activities which will further implement the three-pillar approach.

Community will host different activities, articles, blogs, current events, discussions, interviews, webinars, opportunities, and other interactive activities. It will also:

  • encourage networking among experts and practitioners by exchanging knowledge, experiences on specific issues related to drought management (e.g. south-south cooperation)
  • encourage dialogue and collaboration to inform and accelerate the development and use of effective drought tools
  • reduce the gap among the experts and practitioners by showcasing implementation examples (mitigation measures, drought plans, etc.) and discuss the main implementation challenges
  • share the news, events, good examples, case studies and projects from different regions and contexts
  • create a space to identify new topics of research, connecting individuals from around the world and allowing them to work together on topics of similar interest
  • raise awareness about the relevance, past and potential future impacts of water scarcity and droughts
  • enhance exchanges of good practices in drought management

All drought enthusiasts are very welcome to join so that we can build and share and learn from each other.

You can join after a registration to the IWRM Action Hub, and then access the Community  of Practice content here and become its member. 

For more information you can contact: idmp@wmo.intl.

Date until remove: 30/09/2023
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