AC/MC annual meetings 26-27 August 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

The IDMP Annual Advisory and Management Committee meetings were held on 26-27 August 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. The following recommendations were received during the Advisory Committee meetings and later endorsed by the Management Committee. Please refer to the meeting report for more detailed information on each recommendation.

Top recommendations (ranked):

1.Organize HMNDP+10 in 2023

2.Ensuring Drought and Flood issues at the UN Water conference 2023 (NY)

3.Develop case studies (communication) on regional work and impact collection

4.Create platform on training courses, capacity building

5.Impact indicators / triggers / update handbook on drought indices

6.Explore/define/access drought finance

7.Follow up on UNCCD COP15 decisions

Other recommendations:

Explore country engagement in the IDMP

Move forward on drought resilience issues

Explore update of WMO drought definition re evapotranspiration (drought expert team)

Run youth competition annually

Extend the HelpDesk with APFM

Explore GWP toolbox as technical solution for Community of Practice

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Meeting materials:

AC/MC meeting draft agenda

IDMP 2021-22 Activity Report


IDMP 2022 AC/MC meeting report

The report contains all relevant discussion points and links to the slides shown in the various presentations during the meetings.

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