UNECE’s work on water managment in climate change adaptation

Presented by Hanna Plotnykova (hanna.plotnykova@un.org)

  • The Water Convention has a program area on climate change adaptation, including flood and drought management, in transboundary basins. The intergovernmental  Task Force on Water and Climate Change co-chaired by the Netherlands and Switzerland is responsible for planning and implementing these activities.
  • We are preparing the session on how to mainstream transboundary aspects of water management into climate-related documents (for example, NDCs, NAPs and national strategies and plans) and river basin management planning to be organised on 2nd October 2020. Also, we are working on the background paper for the session mainly focusing on how to mainstream transboundary and regional perspectives into NDCs.
  • We are working on developing a handbook on transboundary water allocation (taking into account drought management and water scarcity) to be ready by September 2021
  • Next year in end March we plan to organise a global workshop on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in transboundary basins with a focus on health

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