K-water is a water-specialized public company in South Korea. Since its founding in 1967, K-water has played a leading role in securing safe water nationwide and ensuring water-oriented welfare for all people. K-water is also striving to cope with climate change, provide healthy and safe water, create new value for water, perform its social responsibility and resolve water-related issues around the world with its cutting-edge smart water management technology. In 2015, the National Drought Information-Analysis Center (NDIC) was established in K-water to prevent and alleviate droughts by supporting the establishment of national drought management policies, introducing a national drought early warning system, producing and sharing drought information, developing drought-related technologies, and providing international cooperation and educational services. By hosting the 2018 and 2019 International Drought Forum (IDF), K-water is also trying to reach a global consensus for national cooperation to cope with extreme drought caused by climate change.

  • Develops methodologies for drought risk assessment
  • Develops a national drought risk map
  • Conducts studies on drought damage quantization
  • Conducts an annual drought survey and improves drought analysis technology
  • Develops a national drought monitoring and forecasting analysis system
  • Develops drought criteria for every types of water resources and monitors the status of current droughts using real-time information based on ICT technology
  • Provides weekly & monthly drought outlooks and drought measure guidelines
  • Supports municipal mid- and long-term drought mitigation strategies considering regional characteristics
  • Develops and provides a drought response decision support system
  • Supports emergency water for drought prone areas
  • Develops and operates a real-time national drought damage (emergency water supply area) monitoring system
  • Provides drought education services to public by operating a drought education and experience facility
  • Supports diverse drought information using the national drought information portal
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