Workshop for Drought Researchers

Drought in the Anthropocene Annual Workshop

In connection to the  Resilience+10 Conference, the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) working group ‘Drought in the Anthropocene’ (DitA) will host it’s annual workshop on 3 and 4 October, 2024 at WMO’s Headquarters. 

As a scientific network, DitA connects researchers form different disciplines studying drought-society feedbacks. The aim of the network is to increase understanding of the interaction between drought and people, insight in the influence of human response and mitigation actions on drought and the impact of drought on human adaptive behaviour. 

In line with the IAHS science for solutions decade, called HELPING , the 2024 annual workshop of the Drought in the Anthropocene network will focus on:

  • recap the main challenges identified in the Conference workstreams,
  • formulate these challenges into research questions,
  • discuss existing and novel methods and tools to answer these research questions,
  • form working groups to prepare scientific/policy relevant manuscripts.

Results of the workshop (short and long term) consist of policy briefs for the UNCCD COP and academic articles pushing scientific progress on the topics of global drought resilience , drought risk governance/financing, drought impact monitoring/assessment/forecasting, drought influence on human & ecosystems health and actionable research.

Further details regarding the Drought in the Anthropocene 2024 workshop agenda will be provided in due course. The workshop has not participation fee. Please fill in this form to indicate interest and be updated. 

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