Virtual Exchange Platform


The IDMP Virtual Exchange Platform has been launched by the IDMP in March 2020 in order to strengthen the communication with partners and to share activity updates and opportunities to interact throughout the year.

This page contains the documentation of each of the past virtual exchanges. For IDMP partners who have a question or comment on the contents of a past virtual exchange or who would like to contribute to an IDMP activity, please contact us at


23 June 2022 – IDMP updates

Agenda, TSU slides – including links shared by partners during the Virtual Exchange

Partners’ initiatives

IHE-Delft – Water-related education – drought preparedness – Micha Werner

CIMA Research Foundation – Drought Activities/Initiatives – Gustavo Naumann

Water Youth Network – Introducing the WYN and its work on DRR – Samuel J. Kpator

Video recording


7 March 2022 – IDMP 2022-25 Strategy

Agenda, TSU slides

IDMP fact sheet Drought indices and indicators

Partners’ initiatives

IUCN – Nature-based Solutions for Drought Risk ReductionChris Magero

UNCCD – Updates on UNCCD Drought ActivitiesDaniel Tsegai

UKCEH – Good Practice Guidance for UNCCD Drought IndicatorJamie Hannaford

Chat /Links

Video recording

15 September 2021 – Annual Meeting Preparation

Agenda, Links

IDMP Regional Programmes Updates

IDMP Central and Eastern Europe

IDMP West Africa

IDMP Horn of Africa

IDMP in Central Asia

Partner initiatives

EU Joint Research Council – EDORA Platform

Uni Wageningen – 3DDD project

IWMI – Drought risk profiles in the SADC region

USQ – Future Drought Fund Australia / Australian Drought Indicator

HELP initiative – Flagship report on Drought

Video Recording

17 June 2021 – Webinar: Drought Early Warning and Forecasting

Agenda, Links

UNCCD Drought Day Theme

IDMP fact sheet


Towards regular drought status bulletins for irrigation systems in Central Asia using remote sensingProf. Christopher Conrad

The Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum’s drought outlooks – successes in providing actionable drought forecasts for drought early warning in Small Island Developing StatesDr. Cédric Van Meerbeek 

Drought Monitoring and Forecasting at NMHSs in WMO Region V: Impact and Value of  WMO SWCEM and CREWSProf. Dr. Yuriy Kuleshov, Dr. Andrew Watkins

Video recording


24 March 2021 – IDMP updates

Agenda, Links, InstantPoll results


UNU-FLORES – Resources Nexus Perspective on Climate Adaptation and Resilience (KlimaKonform)

Asian Disaster Preparednes Center (ADPC)

High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP)

IWMI Drought Resilience Initiatives in Africa and Asia

Video recording


19 August 2020 – IDMP global and partners’ initiatives

Agenda, Links, InstantPoll results





Global Drought Information System (GDIS)

Video recording

11 June 2020 – IDMP regional activities

Agenda, Links to activities, InstantPoll results


IDMP in the Horn of Africa

IDMP in Western Africa

IDMP in Central and Eastern Europe

IDMP in other regions

Video recording


25 March 2020 – IDMP updates

Download the presented slides.

Results of IDMP Virtual Exchange survey.DroughtCIM


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