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Drought Policies and Plans

The 10 steps in the development of a National Drought Management Policy

step-1 Appoint a national drought management policy commission step-6 Identify research needs and fill institutional gaps
step-2 State or define the goals and objectives of a risk-based national drought management policy step-7 Integrate science and policy aspects of drought management
step-3 Seek stakeholder participation; define and resolve conflicts between key water use sectors, considering also transboundary implications step-8 Publicize the national drought management policy and preparedness plans and build public awareness and consensus
step-4 Inventory data and financial resources available and identify groups at risk step-9 Develop education programmes for all age and stakeholder groups
step-5 Prepare/write the key tenets of the national drought management policy and preparedness plans, including the following elements: monitoring, early warning and prediction; risk and impact assessment; and mitigation and response step-10 Evaluate and revise national drought management policy and supporting preparedness plans

From: National Drought Management Policies Guidelines

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CountryDrought policy/plan
Australia1992 National Drought Policy and Intergovernmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform
BrazilDrought conditions and management strategies in Brazil (UNW-DPC NDMP Country Report)
ChileNational Drought Plan measures
ChinaPeople's Republic of China Drought Ordinance
ChinaLaw of the People's Republic of China on Soil and Water Conservation
MexicoNational Programme Against Drought (PRONACOSE)
MoroccoIntegrated Drought Management System (UNW-DPC Regional Workshop Report)
MoroccoDrought conditions and management strategies in Morocco (UNW-DPC NDMP Country Report - Morocco)
SlovakiaSlovak National Action Plan to Combat Drought
South AfricaAn Update on Drought Interventions and Strategies by the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation
SpainSpecial Drought Plans of Basin Organizations
USANational Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)
USAReady initiative
UzbekistanNational Action Programme to Combat Desertification in Republic of Uzbekistan