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IDMP_flyer_enIDMP Scope, Objectives and Activities

The wider scope of the IDMP is: to build climate resilience, reduce economic and social losses, and alleviate poverty in drought-affected regions of the world through an integrated approach to drought management, which cuts across sectoral, disciplinary, and institutional jurisdictions and is responsive to specific regional and national needs and requirements.

The objective of the Integrated Drought Management Programme is:

To support stakeholders at all levels by providing policy and management guidance and by sharing scientific information, knowledge and best practices for Integrated Drought Management. 

The Programme contributes to the global coordination of drought-related efforts of existing organizations and agencies with regard to:

While the spatial scope is global, the results are policy relevant and tailored to specific regional and national needs and requirements. The overarching approach proposed for the Programme centers around four key principles:

The concept note on Drought Management emanated from the Consultation Meeting and the High Level Meeting on National Drought Policy (HMNDP).

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The IDMP is governed by an Advisory and a Management Committee

Several organizations have indicated their readiness to cooperate with the IDMP
For further information please contact Frederik Pischke at: frederik.pischke@gwp.org